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Our in-house Podiatrist, Tom Cooper, uses computerised foot pressure plate scanning equipment to analyse the biomechanics of the foot in motion, and to assess whether these may be contributing to any other injuries you may have.  Typically, imperfections in foot posture and mechanics can lead to shin splints, foot, ankle, knee, hip or back pain.

Following the assessment, Tom may recommend orthotics to help your pain.  After the assessment, orthotics can be made to a cost effective semi-bespoke system, or using a cast inlay to produce completely bespoke insoles.  

Bespoke cast orthotics

These are made using a cast so that they are a perfect fit for your individual foot.  Tom will ensure these give your feet the support they need to help with your condition.

Semi-bespoke orthotics

These are a cost-effective way of having orthotics made specifically for you, and will be made to Tom's prescription using the measurements taken at the assessment.

If you would like to book a consultation with Mr Cooper, the Podistrist at The StoneHouse Clinic, Hartham Park, Corsham (near Bath and Chippenham) then please contact us.





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