How We Treat

What is Fracture Healing?

We are specialists in healing fractures quickly, and affordably.  We treat professional sportsmen and women as well as members of the public who are unfortunate enough to have a fracture.

Using a variety of specialised equipment, we are able to stimulate bone growth so that fractures are healed much more quickly than just leaving them to rest in a cast.  We can work through casts and if the fracture has been pinned as the equipment we use is non-invasive, and does not produce a thermal effect.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

The benefits of this treatment include:

  • acceleration of fracture healing
  • less muscle wastage
  • higher retention of mobility
  • a lesser chance of any post fracture problems
By accelerating the healing time, the fracture itself can be repaired in an average time of 2-3 weeks.  Due to the shorter healing time, there is much less muscle wastage and so a much quicker return to pain free full fitness.


What type of fractures can you treat?

We have probably seen almost every type of broken bone imaginable, but we typically work with the following:
- collarbones (clavicles)
- shoulder blades (scapula)
- femur
- tibia
- fibula
- ribs
- spine
- scaphoid
- wrist
- fingers & thumbs
- toes
- pelvis

If possible please bring an xray or scan of the fracture with you.  We can work without one but obviously if we know exactly the area to be treated it does make for a better 'aim' and therefore better results.  Some people just take a picture of the xray with their camera phone if they aren't able to get hold of a proper copy.

How does it work?

We use the latest ultrasound (LIPUS), shortwave and laser equipment, the choice of treatment, intensity and length of treatment are tailored specifically to your particular fracture.  To try and put this in basic terms, all of these methods of treatment excite cellular activity at the fracture site which increases the body's own fracture healing process, laying down new bone tissue.  

Any damage to the surrounding soft tissues around the fracture site can be addressed at the same time, meaning that the chances of a quick full recovery are hugely increased.

How many treatments will I need?

This all depends on your individual fracture, but our average treatment across the range of fractures we treat is currently 6 sessions, with a range from 3 up to 12 sessions.  If you are travelling a long way to see us, we can do more than 1 treatment in a day with a break in between to assess your reaction to treatment.  We are lucky enough to have a fantastic coffee shop/restaurant in the same grounds as the clinic which many patients use whilst they are waiting between treatments.  Or the lovely town of Corsham or the beautiful city of Bath are both on our doorstep.

How will I know if the fracture has healed?

We can assess pain levels, range of motion and strength of the affected area.  We can also use specialised equipment to check if the fracture has healed.  If you are in any doubt whether your fracture has healed or whether casts or braces can be removed, we can arrange for an x-ray to be taken.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss your fracture or if you would like to book an appointment.  Please bring any xrays or scans of your fracture with you to your appointment if possible.

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Thank you for helping my 12 year old son's dislocated shoulder. 12 months after dislocating it, it hadn't got any better but within 4 sessions of treatment he was fully rehabilitated

Mr M, Barnstaple