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Yoga is helpful if you are in pain, if your joints feel stiff and your muscles feel tight, if you struggle to relax or if you want to help keep your body feeling flexible and young.  If you have a very stressful lifestyle with little time to invest in yourself, then yoga can be tremendously beneficial both physically and mentally.   It is also fantastic if you run, cycle or do active sport.

Our yoga instructor Emma Goodwin of Real Life Yoga says that 'I love to teach yoga to share the amazing mental and physical benefits yoga can bring to your life.  We all need time to try and bring stillness to our bodies and minds in this frantic, noisy world and the focus and strength needed for yoga helps achieve this.'

Emma is holding a class on a Tuesday morning for yoga beginners as well as 1-to-1 sessions at the clinic.

Class: Introduction to Yoga 6 week course Tuesdays 10.30-11.30am from Tuesday 8th January 2019 £60 for the course.  The class will guide you through yoga poses as well as breathing and meditation techniques.  It is ideal for complete novices to yoga, or those who may have done some yoga in the past but are a bit rusty or have lost their confidence.

1-to-1: £40 for 1 hour or £100 for 3 hourly sessions  1-to-1 sessions are great if you are a complete novice, or if you feel uncomfortable in class situations.  They are also recommended if you have a specific issue you want to address, or if you are using yoga to help you recover from an injury as the poses and exercises will be tailored to you, and bring you even more benefits.

Emma is available for 1-to-1s (or 2-to-1s) at various times during the week.  If you are interested in booking a 1-to-1 yoga class or joining the next class from 6th November with her then please contact us by using the details found by clicking here.




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The consultant was amazed that my avulsed fracture in my thumb had mended. He thought he had x-rayed the wrong hand but thanks to the treatment I received I was saved from surgery

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